• Should it rain prior to lesson commencement and the court is too wet to safely play on then the lesson can be cancelled without charge, must be agreed with coach at the time.
  • Should the lesson be rained off during the lesson then a prorated fee will be charged or the full lesson will be charged and remaining time missed due to rain will be made up during next lesson.
  • Any no show is treated as a full lesson charge,
    Tennis Central SG reserves the right to charge for lessons that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, unless in instances in which inclement weather conditions prevail.
  • Tennis Central SG and it’s coaches will not be held responsible for any injury sustained during our tennis lessons; whilst our coaches do actively insure risk of injury is kept to a minimum by conducting appropriate warm ups, diagnosing and correcting poor or incorrect technique and insuring stray balls are moved away from players feet and the court to reduce the risk of tripping over. Whilst tennis is low injury risk unfortunately they still occur in sport.