“Sam is a great tennis coach and big tennis fan, whose delivery is underpinned by his in-depth understanding and knowledge of the game. He not only provides insightful coaching advice on strokes, but he will also put behind it all his effort and stamina to deliver a great experience.”

-Advanced Level Adult

“Sam has coached me since I started playing the game from scratch in 2016. I am drawn to his obvious love of the game and the way he light-heartedly brings in his knowledge of the pro-game into his teaching, by citing examples of players that exhibit that particular skill he is coaching. Sam cannot hide the fact that he looks forward every day to coaching the game he adores. He also encouraged me to play competitively in my very first season at the appropriate level.
Sam has also coached my daughter from the age of 7 and she now plays representative tennis for her region. I have noticed how he installs confidence in young players by his positive mind-set which is infectious to these young minds. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sam to any level of player.”

– Intermediate Level Adult

“I have started tennis lesson with Sam for slightly more 2 years. Sam is a great coach, he is very patient and make every lesson very fun. He is able to analyse your stroke and make recommendations on how to improve it. I had a very weak backhand, but through Sam careful coaching, my backhand has more power and I can control it better. Sam will always end the lesson by playing at least 3 games. This helps to reinforce what we have learned during the drill and more importantly overcome any mental nervousness in a more competitive environment. I will strongly recommend Sam if you are looking for a tennis coach.”

Intermediate Level Adult

“Sam is an exceptional tennis coach. He is very kind, warm, patient and encouraging. He shows great passion in tennis, and is very experienced and knowledgeable in coaching solid tennis skills and techniques.
My children have developed their interest in tennis greatly, and made impressive improvements after taking Sam’s lesson.
Sam also has a great sense of humour and always make the lesson fun and enjoyable. My children are always looking forwards to their weekly tennis lesson.”

-Parent of Green and yellow ball intermediate juniors

“Sam is a brilliant coach. I haven’t played tennis for over 15 years, so I am very rusty! I love his coaching sessions. He has boosted my confidence and improved my grip and strokes. The only negative, is that the hour goes too quickly!”

– Adult Intermediate

“I train with Sam twice a week and couldn’t be happier with the improvement in my game. Sam knows all about designing drills in a way that actually make a difference to match play, has an encyclopaedic knowledge about tactics, and just is an all-round great person to be around (absolutely necessary if you’re waking up at 7 in the morning!) Couldn’t recommend him enough.”

– Adult Intermediate